Lake Champlain

Lake Champlain Dive Sites – New York, Vermont, Quebec, Canada – Shipwrecks, Shore Dives Lake Champlain is an amazing destination for scuba diving! There are shipwrecks scattered around the lake, including several historic vessels. The lake also offers plenty of shore and boat diving opportunities, making it a great spot to explore underwater. You can […]

Dog Team Tavern’s Sticky Buns This is the Dog Team Tavern’s Sticky Bun recipe.  This was taken from their website, prior to their site being taken off the Internet. Ingredients¾ POUND POTATOES, PEELED AND CUBED¼ POUND (1 STICK) MARGARINE, AT ROOM TEMPERATURE2 ¾ CUPS SUGAR1 ½ TEASPOONS SALT1 PACKAGE ACTIVE DRY YEAST2 EGGS, WELL BEATEN7 CUPS ALL-PURPOSE FLOUR1 ½ […]