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20200406 – Need A Remote Worker PBX Phone System

Do you need a phone system for your business, so you can work remotely and such? I found an excellent solution!I found a free (for 3 year) license for a PBX Server for your office.I can get you 3 phone lines with all of the features for less than $100 per month.

This includes all the bells and whistles including Fax, Online Meeting, Video Meetings, Call Queues, Digital Receptionist, Long Distance, Toll Free, Text Messaging, etc! There is a softphone for your smart phone, and phones can be purchased to have the ‘old style’ phone on your desktop.

This is a VOIP solution.Reach out to me 833.578.8140 if you’d like me to install this solution for you. Or visit my business website Phoenix Geeks, LLC.

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