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Diving Willoughby Lake at the Boulders – The Shotgun

Diving Willoughby Lake at the Boulders - The Shotgun

Today I was supposed to get a double dive up in Willoughby Lake with Matt and Steve.

I was about an hour late getting to Steve’s house, because I hadn’t realized that the dive shop opens at 9 now, instead of 8, and I had to pick up our tanks.  DOH!

I got to Steve’s around 9:15A, and we took off with Steve’s truck to go to Matt’s house.   After we got to Matt’s, he tossed his stuff in Steve’s truck.  Matt had a new piece of equipment, a DUI drysuit.  I’m going to say that I was a little envious. I want to get a dry suit, that might be my next piece of gear after a couple of tanks.  I want to do the dry suit certification program, so that I can extend the diving season.  I’ve digressed.   After we had Matt’s gear in the truck, off we went.

It takes around 20 minutes for me to get to Steve’s house, then from there, it’s another 45 minutes to Matts, then another 45 minutes to the Lake.  To read about Willoughby Lake, visit the blog entry here.

We got up to our dive site, the Boulders, and started to assemble our gear.  As we turn our tanks on, we all compare our air fills.  I had 2400PSI, not a good fill, as they should be 3000PSI.

We all assembled our gear, then started to grab our gear for the walk down to the lake.  It’s a little bit of a hike.  It was then that Steve realized that his fins were at home.  Seeing how one can’t dive without those, I offered my fins up to Steve to do the first dive with Matt, and I’d go for the second.

They started their dive, they were down around 45 minutes, and probably swam 250 yards underwater, south from The Boulders, then turned around.  I had gone down to the water, to meet them when they came out.

As they came up, Steve handed me something, then I realized it was a shotgun.  A shotgun.  Interesting.  After we looked at it, it was put into Steve’s truck.  He was going to call the police and see what the status of the gun is.

After a 40 minute surface interval, Matt and I went in to do the second dive.  We made entry with the plan to look around for other guns and such.  We spent some time around the flamingo (a spot that is marked underwater with a white garden flamingo), near where the gun was.  Then we sent south, then back north and ended up near the waterfalls.

The dive was a great dive, visibility was around 35 feet.  The water temperature was around 50F at around 85 feet down.  I started the dive with 2400PSI and ended with around 550PSI and 46 minutes underwater.

Looking forward to the next dive, and the Dry Suit class, so I can extend the diving season through the winter!!!

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