Toby scuba diving

Thompson’s Point with Ed

An evening dive with Ed at Thompson's Point in Charlotte, Vermont

I met Ed down in Charlotte to dive at Thompson’s Point.  We met around 5:30 with a splash time of around 6:00.

We dove Pebble Beach, near the wall.  The Wall is the deepest part of Lake Champlain.  It is said that part of the lake is over 350 feet deep.

Ed and I got into the water, and swam out to the ledge, where the wall begins.  The wall is around 45-50 feet deep.  We swam along the wall, and Ed showed me the underwater alligator, Pink Flamingo, and the bike hill.  Great stuff!

Total bottom time for this dive was around 47 minutes.

As a side note, Ed suggested a 6:12 breathing ratio, breathe in for 6 seconds kind of hard, then out for 12 slow seconds.  Great idea!

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