On Sunday I drove out to Lake George for a double dive with a group of guys from the local dive shop.
The first dive was at Anthony’s Nose, the second at Roger’s Rock.
I dove a 7MM farmer john style wet suit, with 14mm at the core.  Having never dove that heavy of a wetsuit, I had problems with my weights, and couldn’t get down.   I added 10 more pounds, exhaled, and could get to about 30 feet, while fighting to get down.   I hovered over the rest of the divers for a bit, until I started breathing water in through my regulator, that was when I called the dive off for myself.  
I went back to the boat, and waited, then decided to try adding more weights to my BCD, and jump in and test my buoyancy out.  I puttered around the boat at 40-55 feet checking out the fish and rocks, burning only about 1100PSI of my Nitrox tank.
Then I got back on the boat, picked up the rest of the guys, and we went to the second dive at Roger’s Rock.  This time, I had no problem with buoyancy and was able to complete the entire dive.  I made it down to 62 feet on this dive, checking out the underwater rocks and some fish that were around.   I burned through 2700PSI of my 32% Nitrox tank before surfacing, and doing a slow swim back to the boat, while waiting for the others.
After these two dives, I am at 94 dives with a little under 100 hours underwater.   Awesome!  Glad to be finally back in the water!
To learn more about Roger’s Rock, visit: http://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/24493.html or here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roger’s_Rock
Now I’m looking forward to Ferris Rock on Wednesday night.  Should be awesome!